What we do

Wrapeed Interior Design is a firm focused exclusively on interiors. Established by James Falade, this interior design studio began with a mission to bring sophisticated ambience.  The start-up mentality is still a key feature of Wrapeed Interior Design but the firm’s mission has widened to embrace a range of services for you as our valuable client. We are all set to help you in diverse markets to articulate and align your strategies and core values by creating expressive hospitality settings.

We understand that you have a story and you need to create a work environment to convey that story to your users. As your home design experts, we will develop your style down to its very essence and help you to choose a practical layout which feels right to you. We can get involved as much or as little as you desire us to be. We welcome your ideas, whether they include remodeling existing products or developing new ones. We will assist you in figuring out what exactly you need, including planning spaces, home staging, kitchen and bath design, and picking up paint for the walls to pair the layout. And you will be amazed to know that we already have interior design professionals and vendors to give the furnished touch to your ideas.

The success of our services which we at Wrapeed Interior Design provide will depend on your inputs and some research before meeting with our interior designer or decorator in the United States. Certain things, like what you want your space to become and what it will be used for, will specifically guide us in selecting interior finishes, drawing interior plans, providing complete interior specification packages and suggesting furnishings, window coverings and art accessories.

Why Choose Us

Starting with the apparent layouts, going through the early design stage and continuing until the last decorative piece is what we at Wrapeed Interior Design believe in.

Skilled Interior Design Professionals

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Universal and Sustainable Design

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