Space planning

Looking forward to a feasible solution to get over the troubles of renovating the space you have? Open to have a quick meeting with our Interior Design Experts?

Here you are! We understand the growing demand for space and a step-rise in pricings for the same. This is what makes you consider the available space as an asset. And we assure you of designing and creating spaces that are not just aesthetically appealing but also comfortable and functional.

Being a fundamental element of Interior Design, Space Planning starts with an in-depth analysis of utilizing a space creatively. Our designer will draw a plan defining the zones of the space and the activities which you want to take place in the specific zone exclusively mentioning the circulation patterns which will depict how people will roam around in the space.

Our conversation starting with on a bubble plan will end up with having a detailed scale plan while considering all the necessary details including room functionality, selection of furniture, visual appeal, a sense of balance, lightening presence, space modification and a personal touch as an added feather.

Grounded on a shared model designs with response to the diverse needs of yours elegant spaces are crafted using hand-picked, quality materials and unique fixtures. We stand for the construction of unique, functional spaces that are robust, seize the mind’s eye and rise above time.Hence, make a list of everything you wish to have in the space and we will make the space work best for you.

Wrapeed Interior Designis on the board making the best possible use of the available space.

Lifestyle adjustment design

Is the environment around you affecting your mood? You want us to improve the ambience and give it a positive and fresh look?

We will support you in crafting an energetic, productive and positive ambience. Our Lifestyle Adjustment Design will provide you with a space where you will feel relaxed, organized, comfortable and peaceful.

Our professional interior designer can accuratelyenhancethe quality of your life. Over the years, we have witnessed the progressive changes that lifestyle design has brought to some of our customers. We always make sure that our customers feel peaceful, joyous and pleasant in their modish space.

Believe us in working on the techniques to improve the quality of yourlife:

Crafting a pleasant environment

Starting with paint to lighting, interior designers at Wrapeed Interior Design are professionals in selectingstuffs that uphold comfort and relaxation. Sometimes you need a space where you can relax, but aren’t sure how to go for crafting a peaceful and pleasant space.

Making the space functional

Our designers take time to get detailed understanding of your lifestyle, then craft a space that fits perfectly by working on creative and flexible seating alternatives that let you accommodate more people. Get your unused room transformed into a stylish sitting room or an office as our designers know which questions to ask to know what you need.

Creating a healthy and secure space

We are creating a space that is healthy and secure. From environment-friendly utilities and sustainable provisions to furniture that meets fire safety needs.We are concerned with your well-being and not just aesthetics. Your health and securityis our priority all through the design process, from commencement to completion.

Ultimately, we craft ambienceby integratingsecurity features. You will be secure and more comfortable in the golden years.

Project your spirit from contamination; get the stress-free and secure environment!

Home Staging

Always wondered to have a home where your family can feel comfortable? Wish to have a home that can travel through a time and accommodate your lifestyle?

As a division of the design industry, home staging is a practice that highlights a home’s finest features and assistsyou sell quickly and get the best market price. Being a home stager, you utilize your interior decorating capability to prepare a home for sale. We ensure that your home convey a fluid concept working together in designing all the interior spaces.

We work on certain things to carefully improve your home in order to entice buyers. Starting with banishing cluster from living rooms and bedrooms by encouraging you to plan a sale and decide the outlived items. Showcasing your unique decorative stuffs in new means, through a practice called re-design. For example, home stagers could organize home decors in a precise order that heightens the area.Take away personal belongings from the home, like family photographs, to craft a more general space that any buyer could envision living in.In process to this we also personalize a home with fun and bold patterned wallpaper incorporating the home’s entire design scheme keeping your inputs in consideration.

Still there are chances where we cannotmake sure of what a potential buyer’s personal tastes will be and that is why our professional home stager will advise a neutral color. If currently you have a bold color then we may suggest a simple change like painting it white for a clean and neutral look. It is analteration that would make the most out of your financial estimation and time.

Our entire focus is to emphasize the positive features of your space in context of making it a quick and profitable sell and we do it by being up to date with modern trends and stage them.

Home staging is a moderator that balances your living in the home and your perception to market it.

Kitchen and Bath Design

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Project design management

Always wondered to have stress-free experience of refurbishment?

Our committed designers are obsessive about the design and architectural uprightness of your property. We will work with you to planflawless goals, so that you will have peace of mind that your project is in the safe hands of experts, who will bring out the best in your property.

We equipped with a pool of architectural designers, interior designers and project managers to implement your renovation desires, to thorough specifications and with meticulous attention to detail. No mater whether your project involves interior designs for a hotel or commercial property, requires luxury interior design for a private residence, or interior architecture, our team of professionals have all of the specialties you may need.

We will provide you with the dedicated project manager to act on your behalf and to your best interests to procure and appoint the appropriate consultants and suppliers to undertake the work for you. Rest assures about the project as it will be fully compliant and delivered to the best standards, both within agreed timeframes and in your budget.

Get a proper guided direction in defining your goals, drawing up a budget by preparing a master list of everything you will be required to purchase, keeping all the contact list reachable for communications with our professionals and setting up schedules as and when needed.

Though if in case you are worried about the execution plan, let us make you aware about the same as we start with the on-site consultation, proceeding to design development, & specification, implementation, procurement and end with installation of your selected decoration, fittings, furnishings and equipment. Come and get our support in discussing the project management of your interior design project, or to organize an initial consultation at your place. Will be happy to help at any point of time!

Crafting your property to tell the story of what you are and be the collection of what you love.


Looking forward to creative interior painting ideas? Wish to know ideas on painting your space?

We understand that colors are an essential part of any décor. Different rooms demands different styles. Despite the fact that bright colors have a certain brightness about them, dark earthy colors can be quite fun with the right kind of furnishings. There are also colors in-between which are neither overly bright nor overly dark. These are neutral shades which convey a quietclassiness to the room.

Light colorsgive a feeling of openness which is one of the desiredappearances of a minimalistic decor. A smooth unbroken expanse of an elegant color is attractive to the eyes. The walls play an inferior role in the living space moored by the importantfact of the room. While the eye movesflawlessly in a perpetual flow throughout the room, it could be a measure of the success of the minimalistic approach of décor and painting.

Connect with our interior design professionals for painting interrogations in the most frequently renewed spaces of a home or a workplace. Whether you wish to paint a hallway, choosing bathroom colors or recoating multiple rooms, we are here to support with comprehensive details and interior painting ideas!

Craft an entryway that dazzles and leave a great first impression of your space. We will help you find the perfect door color for entrance. Apparently, hallway presents a unique design opportunity and ties together the rooms in your home or workplace. Now it is the time to reflect the personality of your family through your living space. Going further to the kitchen and dining roomwhich is the heart of your home and needs attention and making it subtle or dynamic for hosting your guests. We also take care of the most personal spaces at home, bedroom, and an opportunity to paint it with unique personal touch.

Wrapeed Interior Design will paint your spaces where you treat your family like friends and friends like family.

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